Can your 25mp Smartphone Camera Replace a Compact Camera?

With a smartphone which has a 25mp rear and 13mp from the camera, it sounds ridiculous to have a compact camera. Smartphones have amazing captions and amazingly easier to carry around when compared to the slightly bulky compact camera.

Comparing on the versatility and reliability of the two the compact camera is handier especially if you are going for a safari in Africa or want to film bears in Alaska.

Why should you own a Compact Camera?

To own a compact camera you don’t have to be a professional photographer. Nothing looks as beautiful as an exquisite clear sunset caption. Your smartphone can shoot great captions but a compact camera can shoot greater captions.

If you are an enthusiastic photographer I am sure you are dying to learn about some of the best compact cameras on the market today.

Features to Look in a Compact Camera

Any photographer can die for these six features in a digital compact camera


Consider the size of your camera. It should at least fit in your jacket pocket. Their sheer small size does not, however, compromise their image quality

Face recognition

Look for a compact camera with face recognition feature. Choose one with the highest face recognition capability. Some are that technologically advanced such that they can go up to nine faces.

Image quality

When we talk about compact camera many think about image quality. This is true depending on the model of the camera. Look for one which offers image stabilization to reduce blurry images.


How close can you zoom your target? To what degree can the details be revealed? Most compact cameras will allow you to zoom a landscape without losing any little detail. Look for that compact camera with an optical zoom lens. Avoid one with a digital zoom as they tend to lose the finest details in your caption.


How many scene modes does your camera offer? Maybe its midday and the sun is shining terribly in the Tsavo national park. On default mode, your images may not be that clear. Having a chance to shift modes would be the trick to that exquisite clear image. Look for a camera with as many scene modes as possible.

Regulating the red-eye effect

How do you reduce that ghostly red eye glow? This should not worry you since technology has designed compact cameras to exactly fix this. Look for a camera with this feature to avoid spoiling your captions with that ghostly glow.

If you are out looking for a perfect compact camera that will produce perfect captions then consider the above factors.

Keep your Special Moments

A digital compact camera is one device with a big internal memory to store your most memorable moments. Some come with as big as 64mb capacity.
With a camera with the above features, you are set to be the next big shot.

Where to Buy

So where exactly do you get a compact camera with such features at a pocket-friendly budget? Amazon is one platform where you can get a chance to compare different compact cameras from different sellers. Realize your photography dreams with a digital compact camera