Author: Curtis Henry

Top 5 Apps That Can Track Your Phone

Have you ever lost your cell phone? If you have ever lost your phone then you exactly understand the feeling. It’s a devastating ordeal. It’s a mixture of flight confusion and anger.

Research conducted by SAS Institute suggested that 90% of cellphone users prefer storing their financial security data cellphones. We have entrusted our cellphones with almost all our confidential information. Not counting the thousands of memorable pictures and favorite play list your cell phone is one dear device that we dread losing.
A cell phone is one device that is 24/7 in our hands. It makes it possible to have all our friends at one place at once. If you have not backed up your contact information then losing your phone means you whole contact list is gone.
How long have you stayed with your phone? My Sony XPERIA Z3 has been around since 2014 and it’s not going anywhere any soon. The strong sentimental attachment I have for this phone is that strong
Due to this strong sentimental attachment computer engineers have developed an app that can help you easily locate your phone in case of a theft or misplacement.
I will list 5 reliable apps that you need to install on your device.
1. Mobistealth
Mobistealth is one amazing app that allows you to track your phone in a couple of ways. It’s a great app and comes in handy when looking for your cell.
Like other tracker apps, Mobistealth uses GPS to pinpoint your phone location. Other means like WI-FI and radio tower signal can be used to track your cell.
What makes this app smarter at it job than other apps? Its additional tracking features make this app more stealth when locating your cell than other apps.
This app is ideal for Android devices and will help you easily find your device and that of your loved ones.
2. mSpy
It’s a remarkably perfect app when tracking your lost or misplaced cell. However, mSpy also does a number of other functions like spying your spruces phone it comes with a tracking feature in its package. Because of its numerous functions, it has recently become very popular among Android users.
3. GPS Phone Tracker Pro
This is one of the most user-friendly apps you can always rely on to track your cell. GPS Phone Tracker Pro keeps you about your family location. All you need to do is installing this app on their devices and you can see their real-time location.
This app uses GPS to pinpoint your phone location. It comes in handy in case of an accident or abduction as it even gives directions to reach your loved ones.
4. FlexiSPY
If you are tired of using unresponsive tracking app then I think you need to give FlexiSPY a chance. This is a great reliable app that utilizes GPS to help you locate your cell. Fitted with a map it ensures that you can easily navigate yourself and locate your phone.
This app comes in handy when it comes to keeping track of your deliverymen. If you have a business and you are finding it burdening to physically establish the location of your deliverymen then this app will relieve you.
5. Spyera
Have you heard of Spyera? If yes then you are a living witness of how your life can actually be easy. Worried about losing your highly treasured device? ooh yeah… install this app and make your cell antitheft.
This app is a special one and keeps your device on the radar even after you have lost it. I use this device because it uses less space and does not overheat my phone.
The apps that I have listed above are very user friendly and run smoothly in almost all cell phone devices Install any of them and keep your cell phone safe.

Men’s Cologne Gift Sets – What To Look For

Whether looking for a gift for Father’s Day, a birthday gift, or a Christmas present, it may be difficult to find the perfect gift for some men. Some men may be difficult to shop for or may appear to have everything that they already need. When looking for a gift, one that stands out and that is useful to almost any male are men’s cologne gift sets. These gift sets come in a variety of different scents and brands, so it is easy to find one no matter what a man’s style is.

Cologne sets can be purchased at many different retailers. Mall department stores are a popular choice for purchasing these types of gifts. In addition to having some of the best brands available in a variety of price ranges, department stores also run specials and feature sets that can not be found anywhere else. Colognes can also be tested and smelled before purchasing, allowing a shopper to sample each scent to pick the perfect gift for their loved one. Discount department stores and even pharmacies also sell many popular brands packaged in a gift set.

It is important to look at different gift sets to find the one that is just right. Shoppers can consider the personality and style of the man that they are buying to find the gift that is perfect for them. A man who loves the great outdoors may enjoy receiving a woodsy, natural scent. Guys who have a preppy and put together style will love a high-end designer fragrance. The businessman may enjoy receiving a clean scent that works in an office setting as well as for a night out. Finding a scent that they already wear or ones with similar notes will ensure that they receive a gift that they love.

Cologne gift sets all include different pieces in each box. A bottle of cologne is included in all sets, usually in a full sized bottle. Aftershave that can be used to apply to the face is included in many packages. Smaller travel bottles may also be included, making it easier for them to take with them when going out or going on vacation. Body wash and even deodorant may also be included in a cologne gift set. Each set is very different, and care should be taken when selecting products that the recipient will use.

Other than being a useful gift, gift sets are already packaged, making them easy to give right away. The boxes are typically decorative and look fancy enough to present without even having to wrap them, although this is also an option. Cologne gift sets are designed so that the top cover can be removed to reveal all of the products contained inside. The packaging typically looks sleek and elegant, making it a very appealing and eye-catching gift to give.

No matter what the occasion, a cologne gift set can make an ideal gift for any occasion. There is a vast selection, making it easy to find one that appeals to any man, while also coming in many price ranges that will fit any budget. These types of gifts are useful and are great to purchase for the man who is difficult to shop for.

Best Compact Camera to Buy in 2018

Can your 25mp Smartphone Camera Replace a Compact Camera?

With a smartphone which has a 25mp rear and 13mp from the camera, it sounds ridiculous to have a compact camera. Smartphones have amazing captions and amazingly easier to carry around when compared to the slightly bulky compact camera.

Comparing on the versatility and reliability of the two the compact camera is handier especially if you are going for a safari in Africa or want to film bears in Alaska.

Why should you own a Compact Camera?

To own a compact camera you don’t have to be a professional photographer. Nothing looks as beautiful as an exquisite clear sunset caption. Your smartphone can shoot great captions but a compact camera can shoot greater captions.

If you are an enthusiastic photographer I am sure you are dying to learn about some of the best compact cameras on the market today.

Features to Look in a Compact Camera

Any photographer can die for these six features in a digital compact camera


Consider the size of your camera. It should at least fit in your jacket pocket. Their sheer small size does not, however, compromise their image quality

Face recognition

Look for a compact camera with face recognition feature. Choose one with the highest face recognition capability. Some are that technologically advanced such that they can go up to nine faces.

Image quality

When we talk about compact camera many think about image quality. This is true depending on the model of the camera. Look for one which offers image stabilization to reduce blurry images.


How close can you zoom your target? To what degree can the details be revealed? Most compact cameras will allow you to zoom a landscape without losing any little detail. Look for that compact camera with an optical zoom lens. Avoid one with a digital zoom as they tend to lose the finest details in your caption.


How many scene modes does your camera offer? Maybe its midday and the sun is shining terribly in the Tsavo national park. On default mode, your images may not be that clear. Having a chance to shift modes would be the trick to that exquisite clear image. Look for a camera with as many scene modes as possible.

Regulating the red-eye effect

How do you reduce that ghostly red eye glow? This should not worry you since technology has designed compact cameras to exactly fix this. Look for a camera with this feature to avoid spoiling your captions with that ghostly glow.

If you are out looking for a perfect compact camera that will produce perfect captions then consider the above factors.

Keep your Special Moments

A digital compact camera is one device with a big internal memory to store your most memorable moments. Some come with as big as 64mb capacity.
With a camera with the above features, you are set to be the next big shot.

Where to Buy

So where exactly do you get a compact camera with such features at a pocket-friendly budget? Amazon is one platform where you can get a chance to compare different compact cameras from different sellers. Realize your photography dreams with a digital compact camera